Commercialization Israel


Israel is a 67-year-old country with about 8 million people, yet it produces more start-up companies than larger, established nations including Japan, Canada, and the UK.  Israel has been labeled the “Start-up Nation” and for good reason.  It now has more high-tech start-ups and a larger venture capital industry per capita than any other country in the world.

Why should this matter to you?  Two reasons:

We Help Commercialize Israeli Technology Globally

Israel develops innovative technologies and we help to commercialize those products worldwide, with emphasis on North American penetration.  In fact sixty three Israeli companies were listed on the NASDAQ – more than those of any other foreign country.

We Commercialize Your Technologies In Israel

There are several reasons to bring your products to Israel.  Aside from expanding your global market penetration, we help you to find Joint Venture partners with innovations to supplement your technology and produce greater overall value.

Whether you are bringing your intellectual property to or from Israel we can help.  Levin Consulting Group is fluent in the language, understands the culture and has many long-term relationships with key people and organizations in Israel. ask edd .