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Patent Application Drafting


Patent Application Drafting – Our Speciality

Application Drafting
Application Drafting

One of the most important services that we proudly offer is the preparation of a well-organized, and complete patent application ready for filing. Our team has many years of experience in drafting patent applications. We have helped many clients successfully obtain patents in a wide variety of technologies, including medical devices, polymers, pharma, mobile, and computer systems.
We focus on aligning your IP strategy with your business strategy. We are able to craft be highly focused set of claims to provide you with optimal protection.


We accomplish this with using the 6-Step Levin-Draft system:

1. Define Your Business Goals
2. Define Filing Strategy And Timing
3. Review The Current State Of Existing Technology (Prior Art)
4. Draft Claims To Execute IP Strategy While Overcoming Prior Art
5. Draft Supporting Description
6. File Your Patent

This process has served our clients well for many years. Whatever it is that you need to patent, we have the tools and skills to help you file a prominent patent application.