Corporate IP Strategy Development

By the very nature of their structure and measurement of success, patent law firms are task oriented and intensely focused on the patent process itself. Yet, the primary reason that you are investing in your patent portfolio is not just to own patents, but to pursue your organization’s business goals. We have goals similar to yours – your business success, not your merely your IP success – is what we seek.

This Is How We Differ

First, we study your business goals carefully and then we construct your IP strategy to support those goals. We get the details and consensus from all departments involved in IP – R&D, Marketing, Finance, HR and C-level management, by having them to talk to us all together. This allows us to lay out your IP strategy with a robust correlation to your business goals. Then, we proceed to implementing the strategy across your organization. We operate under the assumption that a patent is not a goal in itself, but a tool to accomplish your goals.

Competitive Intelligence

“It’s good to know what your competitors are doing. It’s better to know what they’re planning.”

IP Strategy Development
IP Strategy Development

Using our proprietary procedure, we analyze your competitors’ current patents, commercialization activities and their recentpatent filings. By combining these three elements we can accurately predict their next moves. You’ll see far in advance which devices and technologies they plan to unveil in the coming years. You will know where the pitfalls are and who can become your partner. You will take your CI to a new level.

Portfolio Management

You’ve heard it said, “Hire the right people for the right job.” Your engineers were hired specifically to creatively innovate new technologies for the organization. Most engineers resent the mundane burden of managing the patent portfolio. This can stifle their creative inventiveness. We provide a dedicated service with the right people for that job – people that are passionate about IP management and enjoy the process. Let your geniuses focus on genius tasks and let us handle what is genius to us – and mundane to them.

Technology Commercialization

We are able to discover market opportunities that you may miss. The commercialization advice we provide includes identifying and quantifying your market potential with a strategy to ensure funding, early adoption and rapid market penetration. We’ll introduce you to market leaders, influential contacts, prospective licensees, clients. If appropriate we connect you with joint venture partners to supplement your technology to produce greater overall value. We’ll analyze your current portfolio and recommend optimal next steps of product development to facilitate the branching out of your technology for enhanced market penetration. Learn About Our 4-Step Commercialization Process

Services For Private Inventors

Every inventor will tell you that it takes time, hard work, dedication and collaboration with the right people to successfully commercialize their invention. You are here because you are serious about taking the right steps toward protecting your invention before promoting or disclosing it. We pride ourselves in offering these services to help you attain your goals:

1.   Conduct Research And Analyze Marketability 2.   Conduct A Patent (Prior Art) Research 3.   Analysis Of Prior Art To Avoid Infringement On Existing Patents 4.   Provide Legal Assistance (US) 5.   Prepare Your Patent Application for filing (drafting) 6.   Assistance With Patent Drawings And Invention Illustrations

Levin Consulting Group (LCG) also proposes the following services:

patent search for patentability analysis has to be performed in order to stress out the innovative elements of your invention over the prior art (any published idea, product or technology) in order to decide which is the best way to provide the broadest protection for your invention. This search is also useful for negotiations with potential clients, as new product has much more value if it is proven to be innovative and its IP can potentially be protected.

Provisional patent application drafting :

Provisional patent is a good possibility for protecting an invention which is still in the process of development but the concept is already formed and you want to protect your invention and preserve the earliest priority date in a cost and time effective manner.

Competitors market evaluation :

This is a periodic search of new technologies of the potential competitors as part of any business CI (Competitive intelligence) strategy.

File history retrieval :

we can retrieve the file history of any patent or patent application in US that is of interest in order to analyze real scope of a patent or the patent prosecution process.

IP portfolio management :

Manage the annuities of granted patents.

The pricing for every search or other service is variable according to specific client requirements. Even though we offer basic packaged searches, any service (and pricing) is discussed with the client and is customized to his needs.

All our services are performed under an NDA (non disclosure agreement).

Innovation - Our Expertise


We Would Be Happy to help You With:

  • Preliminary search
  • Patent search for non-infringement analysis
  • Patent search for patentability analysis
  • Patent search for evaluation of the state of the art
  • Patent search for validity analysis
  • Patent search for competitor’s market evaluation
  • Trade Mark search
  • Provisional patent application drafting
  • Competitors market evaluation
  • File history retrieval
  • IP portfolio management